Las Vegas – Where Black Hats and Black Ducks Meet

Black-Hat-2015-660x228Last week the Black Duck team attended Black Hat 2015.  This multi-day conference and tradeshow is where security researchers, hackers, vendors, and other showmen meet to review thelast year in breaches and exploits, share security insights, and preview tools and services for keeping companies and networks safe across today’s hostile cyber threat landscape.

The exhibit hall boasted over 160 vendors with wares ranging from application firewalls to intrusion detection to anti-malware solutions.  Especially interesting was Innovation City, a special area for startups to showcase cutting-edge products and solutions and engage with the security/vendor community.  We greatly enjoyed engaging with new companies there with unique approaches to monitoring, testing, and securely deploying enterprise apps. I expect to see several promising startups we met there headlining over the next 1-2 years.

We encountered open source security among a range of product features and requirements, and almost everyone we spoke to was excited by recent Black Duck announcements featuringnew capabilities in the Black Duck Hub, Binary Analysis capabilities in Protex, and the Black Duck vulnerability plug-in for Jenkins.

The conference briefings proved to be a mixed bag of hardcore technical presentations and security-focused flying circuses.  Personally, I benefited greatly from talks about open source mobile platform, Android, including Google’s Android Security State of the Union and another on new ways to root and exploit Android-based smartphones.  Also informative were IoT-centric talks like Tobias Zillner and Sebastian Strobl’s session focusing on Zigbee securitymodels and vulnerabilities.

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