Open Source and the Internet of Things – A Reality Check

Every time I turn around, a company or consortium announces another Internet of Things (IoT) platform. And, while only some of the touted IoT underpinnings are open source, there is a popular consensus that the Internet of Things will only rise if built upon pillars of open source software (OSS).

The Gartner 2014 Hype Cycle places the Internet of Things at the very Peak of Inflated Expectations:

Gartner 2014 Hype Cycle

While open source is instrumental for building out the IoT, its role is also overhyped.  The presence and utility of open source is not universal, nor uniform, across all elements and layers of the emerging IoT.

The purpose of this blog is not to dampen the enthusiasm for open source in IoT, but rather to de-hype the discussion with a reality check.

Read More (originally published on Open Source Delivers on 08/10/2015)

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